No more sleepless nights

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Here are some common tips for better sleep:
1: Use your bed for sleeping, not the rest of your life. So, when you are watching tv, working, or even reading make sure you do it somewhere else in your home. That way, when you do head to bed for sleep it will feel fresh and ready for relaxing.
2: Have a nightly ritual. This may involve briefly reading in bed at night, doing a to do list, or some type of spiritual ritual. If we train our body and mind to repeat the same activities prior to sleep we have better sleep results.
3: If you have worrying tendencies at night, make sure you do a long to do list for the next day prior to laying down. Also, if you are laying awake with worry go ahead and just get up and make a to do list. Having our thoughts organized before going to sleep helps some of us.
4: No coffee and no cigarettes before trying to sleep. Yes, these are both stimulants! Back off of these substances hours before bed.
5: If you are having trouble sleeping, don’t force it! Just get up, go do something for a few minutes to hit the reset button in your body and mind and then return to attempt to sleep after a while. If you lay there and force it, you are likely to produce unrest.


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I am a licensed therapist living and working in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in addictions, depression, anxiety and family therapy which includes couples work.