Coping with anxiety

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Coping with anxiety can be challenging.  Anxiety has a way of building on itself and getting worse if it’s not initially addressed.  In other words, sometimes anxiety creates more anxiety.  Always consult with a therapist when dealing with significant mental health issues, but here are some common ways of coping with anxiety.

1:  Breathing techniques:  Anything that can help you return to your body, your breathe, and a feeling of safety is helpful.  There are many breathing techniques that can help reduce anxiety.

2:  Exercise:  Be sure to exercise at least 20 minutes 3 times per week.  Exercise has a biological benefit that produces natural feel good chemicals that counter act feelings of anxiety.  Start out small and just exercise for 10 minutes of you can.  Having a sense of accomplishment can feel great.

3:  Goals:  Set short term and achievable goals to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.  Also, give yourself credit for the daily accomplishments that you have such as walking the dog, doing the dishes, or getting to work on time.  There is a biological benefit to being mindful and present as we give ourselves credit for positives in our life.  By expanding on positive feelings we can create more feel good chemicals in our body and improve over all health and well being.


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I am a licensed therapist living and working in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in addictions, depression, anxiety and family therapy which includes couples work.